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Default Re: Madden 11 team ratings released

Originally Posted by jazz873
How did the packers stay the same
those are the team rankings that Madden 10 had at the end of the year...

here are what the teams started out with in Madden 10:

New England Patriots 93
Pittsburgh Steelers 92
New York Giants 89
Philadelphia Eagles 88
San Diego Chargers 88
Tennessee Titans 87
Indianapolis Colts 87
Arizona Cardinals 86
Dallas Cowboys 85
Carolina Panthers 83
Baltimore Ravens 82
Atlanta Falcons 81
Minnesota Vikings 80
Washington Redskins 79
Chicago Bears 79
Buffalo Bills 78
New York Jets 78
Green Bay Packers 78
Seattle Seahawks 77
Miami Dolphins 77
Houston Texans 75
New Orleans Saints 74
Tampa Bay Buccaneers 74
San Francisco 49ers 73
Jacksonville Jaguars 71
Oakland Raiders 71
Denver Broncos 70
Kansas City Chiefs 69
Cleveland Browns 68
Cincinnati Bengals 67
St. Louis Rams 66
Detroit Lions 65

EVERYONE thought the Saints defense would be complete crap again...that is the first thing I noticed right away is that the New Orleans went

so the change is just based on off season McNabb going to the Skins being a big one...and the draft
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