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I love Duke, but 8 is to high fo Reddick. He is going to be a solid roleplayer, and he'll hit the open three, but we've gotten that guy a few times in the past (Matt Maloney, Brent Price, the Drew kid...can't remember his first name). We need a lot of things, but mostly we need athelets who can run just a little bit. While Reddick is always active, I don't think he's going to be what we need right now. If we just need a shooter, lets get Head in the gym and let him shoot 3 after 3 after 3 until he's consistant, like he was in the begining of last season. If we can get a 4 with a little range on his shot (is there a guy like that this year?) or a guy who can play good perimeter defense for the back court. If people are healthy, then our shooting woes will be less obvious. Every year, there's going to be some one available who can stroke a 3 regularly, even if he's not quite as good at it as Reddick. I'm dreaming of Roy, but hoping for either Marcus Williams or Ronnie Brewer.
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