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Default Favorite Trash Talking Lines

Do you guys have any lines that you toss out regularly?

I play with this large group and we give eachother shit all the time. So trash is very common during our games.

My favorite is when I block someone I look down at my hands with an astonished look and say "These hands were not meant to create!"

Also after a block:

"Yo did you call the police. Cause the SWAT team just arrived."
"Confucius say: Shoot ball seven times. Get blocked eight."
"Hey I like your hair though."

After a nice board I yell "Chuck Hayes son!" in honor of my friend Chuck Hayes.

I don't talk much on the offensive end except when directing traffic for my teammates but if I do something nice it's usually ad lib.

You guys got any go to lines? Do you guys talk a lot or no?
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