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Default Re: Knee/foot pains...

Originally Posted by MannyO
I also read about Osgood-Schlatter, and I am hoping this is the cause of the pain because I seriously need to grow taller. Im 16 (turning 17 in October) hopefully I grow atleast 3-4 inches. Im already as tall as my dad.

I have had this when I was growing, especially at ages 13-14 where I grew about 25 cm or about 10 inch. Was so bad to the point where I couldn't walk up/down stairs after I played sports and if someone tapped my knee I'd crumble to the ground from pain.

Now at 22 though my knees are as strong as ever and without pain. It is something you want to have checked out by a doctor though. There isn't much you can do about it but there's the possibility of the disc of your knee tearing and then you will need surgery.
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