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Default Re: players nugs should target

Originally Posted by Lebron23
Tyson Chandler

C- Chandler
F- Nene
F- Melo
G- Billups

That team would beat the Lakers in the Conference Finals. A Motivated Chandler averaged 11 rpg in the NBA.
I completely agree.. Tyson would cancel out Bynum leaving Nene and Kenyon to work on Pau... with Bird off the bench....

I said the same thing in the the Tyson opt out thread, Nuggets should offer him 5 year full MLE... he wants to play on a contender and he would make a lot money while maintaining long term financial security...

But, one thing, outside of the playoffs I don't want him playing a lot of minutes every night because he is injury prone... so we would have to be cautious with him.... but he has 3 other legit bigs next to him so he shouldn't have to worry about the team needing him, meaning he doesn't have to rush himself back from injury so fast like he did in New Orleans (and i think it happened to an extent in Charlotte)
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