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Default Re: players nugs should target

Originally Posted by NuggetsFan
Demarcus Cousins even tho it's extremely unrealistic. Melo\Cousins\Lawson core going forward and than guys like Afflalo\Nene would seem pretty bright.

Jason Smith would be decent. Still don't think it would be enough tho. K-Mart\Nene can go down anytime and Birdman isn't exactly reliable all the time. I'd be happy with a starting PF\C rather than a big to play 10-15 minutes of the bench when we have Bird to be that guy.
Did you really mean that you would consider lawson a core guy and nene an other on a team? The core of carmelo/nene/jr is way better than a core of carmelo/cousins/lawson ----
I think smith w 1 more year on his rookie contract is worth a future 1st
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