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Toronto has taken some heat the last couple of year when it comes to the draft. I here all this talk about another big man... havent they taken care of that problem? They just picked the big white guy from teh spurs, whos name i cant spell, and they have Bosh and Vil at the same position. Ok you can make a 3, 4, and 5 out of these guys, but then if you draft Morrison, what do you do with him? I say trade down and get the PG Williams from UConn. why is this guy so low on everyones boards? ok so he stole a laptop... that doesnt mean hes gonna be Rod Stricklen. If Chareltt wants Thomas bad enough, then they will jump in front of the Bulls to get him. Why isnt Boston jumping all over Morrison, the so called " next Larry Bird"? Someone in the top 6 would take a trade and I'm sure Toronto could get an extra 2 Gaurd out of teh deal
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