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Be sure you get a good dentist. I've had two wisdom teeth removed. I had one removed by my family dentist when I was 20. It turned out that my tooth had extra roots. The guy was so old he couldn't pull it out. No freaking joke, the dude busted out a hammer and chisel trying to crack my tooth so he could pull it out easier. It was such a freaking nightmare.

When I had the other one removed a couple years later, I had a new younger dentist working on me. I told him about my extra roots and my last experience. Dude was like "No problem this will be a piece of cake." He popped out the tooth like it was nothing.

The main thing to know is that afterwards you can't drink out of a straw cause it will lossen the blood clots in your gums.

I hope you have a better experience than my first time.
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