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Be sure you get a good dentist. I've had two wisdom teeth removed. I had one removed by my family dentist when I was 20. It turned out that my tooth had extra roots. The guy was so old he couldn't pull it out. No freaking joke, the dude busted out a hammer and chisel trying to crack my tooth so he could pull it out easier. It was such a freaking nightmare.
wow I have had situations like that but nothing close to what you got.

yea one time I was getting blood drawn for something... and the douche doctor kept missing my vein. he would stab the needle in, move it around, push it further in, move it around, take it out, then try again. took him like 4 tries. didn't help it was cold in there and the rubber band thing wasn't tight enough. what a dumbass. it hurt. I was like 11. had the same thing done a couple years later and barely even felt it.
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