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Default Re: players nugs should target

Originally Posted by MeLO MvP 15
this except... one thing is Nene is somewhat proven unlike Cousins who could potentially be a bust

I understand this. The way I see it is Cousins looks pretty good and is what like 19\20? So all tho he could be a bust if he turns out not only does it replace Nene but if Carmelo takes off next year than it would give us a big man to build around. He has LEGIT size and post skills from what I've seen. Looks to be a good rebounder. Defense\Attitude is suspect but from what I've seen in interviews he's just got that superstar mentality and what's to be the guy.

I'd roll the dice because simply our championship window is rapidly closing. Nene is solid but like I said in my other post he really lacks the mentality to become more than what he is witch is 10-15 point scorer and grab a few boards.

We'll never land Cousins tho so here's hoping we atleast get a true center so we can move Nene back down to PF and bring K-Mart off the bench with Bird and have a solid frontline rotation.
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