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Default Re: Red Dead Redemption discussion

Originally Posted by RapsFan
I haven't tried that yet, but I have a similar issue. I think it's the Bandito costume actually, but I could be wrong. It says to just buy something at the general store in Escurado (spelling?). I have bought stuff there a bunch of times and haven't had it checked off my costume list.

You actually have to buy the scrap itself from there.

I did the same thing actually. I thought I just had to buy something. And I had nothing to buy, so I just bought the most expensive horse. It's the first horse I've bought actually.

But the scrap is listed in the general store's list, but it's listed as "not available". I still haven't gotten it available yet either.

I just finished the mission where Reyes saves me from DeSanta. I'm probably just a bit ahead of you it sounds like.

I tried the Torqueda Five Finger Fillet before I overran the town. And then again after I overran the town. Normally you just beat one guy and the award pops up. But it's not coming. And I've done a bunch of guys now, and even upped the betting to it's max. I was getting flustered enough last night that I started losing.
I don't know whats going on. It's weird. And that stupid scrap will gnaw at my OCD.
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