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Default Re: Red Dead Redemption discussion

Originally Posted by Lakerlove420
I actually have the whole Bandito outfit and have worn it. Weird that it is not working for you guys. I got it unlocked the first time and I'm not even good at the five finger. I thought there was an achievement to unlock if you really beat those guys at five finger but I'm not sure cause I haven't gotten it. I always lose in the 3rd round or so. The one that involves the Y and the X too.
Anyway, I'm not sure what the problem is with that piece of clothing. Kinda weird.
I actually just barely did the mission when Reyes saved me from DeSanta.
Just did that last night, but have had the bandito outfit for about a week, pretty crazy that we could be at the same place in the game but everybodys experience is different . ..

That's weird that you have it then, because if you're at the same mission I am, it would seem you still have missions left in Mexico, so you shouldn't have been able to buy the scrap in Escalara.

Maybe I still have Luisa missions that you finished before I did. Who knows.
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