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Default Re: Red Dead Redemption discussion

Originally Posted by Thorpesaurous
I'm a little frustrated.

I'm trying to get a scrap for the Bandito costume, and I'm sposeda win a game of five finger filet in Torqueda (the city up on the mesa all the way to the east in Mexico). I've won handfull of times, and they won't give me my scrap.

Is it a bug. Has anyone else run into it.

You're confusing 2 outfits. The Bandito outfit doesnt require you to win Five Finger Fillet. Thats the Mexican Rebel Outfit. For the Mexican Rebel Outfit you have to defeat 3 players at Five Finger fillet. And at the end you will unlock the scrap. You can check your outfits because they have a checklist of what you accomplished and didnt. The thing is you cant complete this outfit until after a mission is completed. I cant forget which one. As mentioned it might be the final mission in Mexico before Blackwater is opened up.

The Bandito outfit you need to do a nightjob in Chuparosa (sp?), find a scrap in some gully. Just go to your outfit and place a tracker. It'll show the area you need to search. I could tell you where its at exactly unless you want to search/explore yourself. You gotta capture a Bandito bounty ALIVE (cant kill) for another piece of the scrap. And the last scrap just track. You gotta kill some Banditos attacking mexicans. You track the area, go there and see the red dots. Once completed you'll have the 5th scrap. I cant remember is this was a gang hideout or a random town. Once you complete this you get the Bandito scrap at Chuparosa (sp?) at the General Store.

Sidenote: Just looked at my missions, its called An Appointed Time where you save Reyes from the Mexican army. If you havent done/completed this mission then thats why the scrap isnt available at Escalera (Mexican Rebel outfit).

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