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Phil chose to come back to the Lakers without Shaq, knowing that Kobe would be the number 1 option.....I think that speaks volumes about what he thinks about Kobe's talent and potential to lead a team to a title.His reputation and legacy is now in the hands of Kobe Bryant, nevermind the money. Of course he thinks highly about Kobe as a basketball player.

Plug Kobe in to the Heat roster and put Wade on the Lakers this year, and I think you'd see similar results.....Wade leading the league in scoring and getting put out in the 1st round and Kobe winning another title with Shaq. If you disagree,lets discuss.

And about this "Wade got all the calls argument" ......refs always have, and always will reward the aggressive team. Wade was taking the ball aggressively to the hole, while the Mavs were relying on contested jumpers and run outs. I agree that Wade got a lot of calls in his favor, but when you put the onus on the refs to make a call with the floor spread out the way it was, an environment for getting calls in your favor is created. The heat played it to perfection. man for man I'd take the Mavs roster and scheme, but the Heat turned into Wade vs whomever he was guarding, negating the Mavs depth at all the other positions. They played just enough defense on Dirk to get wins.
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