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GoBB, you completely are missing the point... STILL. You think I'm coming up with "theories" when I haven't made one, why cant you still get that through your god damn head?

Originally Posted by Voice of Reason
That photo is bogus. Its pointing to nothing moron.

Bogus? It's pointing to the point of impact and the apparent "hole" the "plane" went into.

Since the conspiracy theorists are convinced it was a missle. Find me a missle that provides that kind of destruction and not MORE. Sorry a missle is wiping out a significant amount of that building and structure.

Never said it was a missle, although you don't know that.(Neither do I and I haven't pretended too either)

This is nothing more than a group of weirdos who tell me the WTC were dedonated because of how the towers fell. And that they should have fell different and other buildings around it would have been impacted but werent which leads them to believ by watching video and seeing how it fell the buildings were rigged with explosives.

Building 7 wasn't hit with a plane, but that's beside the point. I haven't made a single "theory" that you told me I have.
You conspiracy theorists are annoying gnats. And no i dont believe the govt isnt capable of pulling a fast one on people. They damn sure are and can manipulate the public. But this isnt one of those times. So take offence to what i'm going to say and phuck off. Dont feed me or come at me with that mumbo jumbo. Its nonsense. You can so many different theories on 9'11 is pathetic. Like no JEW was in the WTC when they hit because they were told ahead of time. And you have people who argued even more deeply then you guys have. I dont wanna hear it. Shut up. Stop it.

It's still funny, I haven't suggested anything other than that the governments story has holes in it. If you wanna be a kiss ass Bill O'Reilly follower, that's completely up to you. But to put sh*t in my mouth(which you have done what? 15, 16 times in this one thread?) Then you should f*ck off this thread. You don't have any knowledge and you don't want to question the government. That's fine, but you don't help the rest of us who see flaws in the official story.

Everyone wants to show me stupid photos and claim its the hole but no one has video and proof a missle hit. Nor the impact and destruction a missle leaves behind. No one has any idea what happened besdies it wasnt a plane...they dont wanna speculate for fear of lookin stupid (too late). Where are the passengers who perished on the plane that supposedly was said to hit the pentagon but didnt.
Again with the missile, where again did I say that? Oh wait I didn't.
Sharif take your questions and shove them. You answer this questions. Where are the pilots, stewardess, passengers on the flight that was supposedly the one that didnt hit the pentagon? For fun I'll bu your theory...a missle hit. Happy? Cool. Now that that is cleared where is the got damn PLANE?

So now it's a bad thing to question the government if they don't understand things they did? That's reasonable :
David Blaine hid it? It wasnt shot down. It did exist. Where is it? Got lost in the Bermuda Triangle?
No clue, why do you ask me like I have first hand knowledge? It "Could" have been hijacked and crashed anywhere, who knows.
9/11 was no conspiracy....i believe the govt had prior knowledge to what was gonna go down and slept. They didnt take it more serious and the nation paid for it. Its like leaving your door unlocked to your home thinkin "No one would dare." and low and behold someone dares. And now you're on the Discovery Channel in an episode hoping someone upgrades ur secruity system.

That's fine and dandy, I believe personally that Bush(nor jews, bloods, etc) were solely behind it either. I just don't know and questioning it is the only way to find out more, do you disagree there?
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