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Default OT: Another Alleged Top-10 QB Is Being Exposed On National TV

Man, I just don't get it. Every year I hear the same sh*t about how so-and-so QB from said "top" program is supposed to be a top-ten pick based on how they look in games that basically amount to 7 on 7 drills.

From Brady Quinn to Brian Brohm, these draft "experts" keep telling me these guys are "franchise" QB's, but yet, these QB's struggle in big games. If they struggle in college, what do you think they'll do in the NFL? And with that, these "experts" want me to believe that Troy Smith isn't as "blue chip" as these guys because he's 6'0''. But what they fail to mention that Brohm is barely 6'2'', if that.

It's almost to the point now that certain players get opportunities to play themselves out of a a certain ranking, and others have to go above and beyond to just be looked upon in the same favorable manner.

For instance, Brady Quinn was a preseason All-American on a top-5 ranked ballclub. But yet when he struggles in the two biggest games of the year, the "experts" are now telling me Notre Dame is lacking of talent and team speed. If that was the case, then why did these very same people rank them in the top-5 in the first place?

And here this Brohm kid has been putting up insane stats against nothing but cupcake defenses...and now all of a sudden I hear if he commits, he'll be a top-15 pick? How? Who did he play that I should be impressed with? And even if his stats are legit, what makes what he did on the field any more impressive than Troy Smith?

Please someone take just a little bit of time and explain to me what I'm missing.
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