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Originally Posted by ALBballer
I would give you advice, but I think you already know the answer, eat right. Which basically means subsitute sodas/drinks for water and fat-free milk. Eat vegetable, have egg whites for breakfeast, and work out. For working out startoff with some aerobics (10-20 minutes), do some light workouts (20-30 minutes) and do some more aerobics.

If you do all of that, you should loose weight. You should PM Hateraid if you want to get some info on supplements, if you want to take them.

Thanks, my diet probably kills me the most. I know how important it is to eat 3 meals a day but I just don't do it. I usually drink a cup of juice in the morning and not eat anything but small snaks till around 5 or 6 when I eat a big meal. Thats probably something i REALLY need to work on. So yeah I'm going to start eatin 3x, shorten the quantity, and raise the nutrition quality. And what kind of light workouts do u suggest?
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