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Originally Posted by BOOHYAH310
Phil chose to come back to the Lakers without Shaq, knowing that Kobe would be the number 1 option.....I think that speaks volumes about what he thinks about Kobe's talent and potential to lead a team to a title.His reputation and legacy is now in the hands of Kobe Bryant, nevermind the money. Of course he thinks highly about Kobe as a basketball player.

Plug Kobe in to the Heat roster and put Wade on the Lakers this year, and I think you'd see similar results.....Wade leading the league in scoring and getting put out in the 1st round and Kobe winning another title with Shaq. If you disagree,lets discuss.

I disagree, Phil came back because o fhte money and Jennie Buss. Keep in mind that Phil also came close to signing with the Knicks KNOWING that the organization was in disarray and Steph was going to be the number one option, not saying much for Kobe. And as far as how the finals went down, the results WOULD NOT have been the same. Kobe on that Heats rosters would be a disaster. Championships are won with team cohesiveness, not with big names. if that was the case, lakers would have won it with Karl, payton , shaq and who else?....thats right KOBE!!
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