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Originally Posted by Rasheed1
people worship the devil because they believe him to be what they call the "bearer of light"...

in a sense he is the one encourages us to step outside the proper order of the universe...he is the one who challenges the notion of right and wrong...

the devil brings rationalization to pain and suffering.He assures men that the murder and injustice going on in this world is a "good thing" if it achieves the goals for which it was meant.... the devil would have you believe that you can usurp the divinity of God because it is actually owed to you...

ambitious men and women will follow the promise of power even greater than God himself...

I think alot of people would be surprised to hear some of the names of the people who worship the devil...

but then again, if you arent following the true God almighty, then you are worshipping the devil.... because you cant serve both at the same time..

good post.

i was watching this show about prisoners, and they were doing a bit about how they are allowed to follow and perform their own religions while being in prison. they showed these satanists guy who said that his buddies and him don't directly believe in the devil, but that they worship lucifer instead, as in the fallen angel dude. is there that much difference between the two?
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