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Default Re: John Wall is very overrated

Originally Posted by Sarcastic
It looked like he was dogging it.
Other workout videos of his look much better.
I don't think he wants to play for the Wizards.

Well, who among us can blame the kid for not wanting to play for Washington? Just kidding Wizards fans :).

But really, he seems sincere in his desire to want to play for the Wiz (or at least to be the number one pick in the draft, something that he's said repeatedly was a dream of his), I just think that it was a half speed, non chalant workout. Why would he need to push himself in a workout for a team that is definitely going to pick him barring a catastrophic injury, or a cataclysmic event? I doubt the team even wanted to see him push himself very hard since they've clearly already made up their minds on the matter, and the only thing that can come out of an intensive workout would be an unfortunate injury.
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