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Default Re: John Wall is very overrated

Originally Posted by TheTruth11
I have always said the guy is "heavy legged" and you can clearly see it in that video. My grandfather could have easily gotten around old man Sam Cassell on that video.... and Sam wasn't even trying to defend him. Wall looked heavy legged and unexplosive.

Add in the fact that the guy has a 30 inch standing vertical leap and is a "brick layer" and this guy is clearly ripe to bust!


Yep. "Heavy legged and unexplosive" ---->

Brick layer ---->

He does need to continue to improve his shot, I agree, but he's at least as good a jump shooter as Rose was coming out of college IMO. We'll see if he can progress in that dept. like Rose has thus far in his young career though.

More from the "heavy legged one" ---->

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