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Default Re: Pacers offer 10th Pick for Jonny Flynn - Rejected!

Originally Posted by BlueandGold
Give it time you never know. Flyn averaged 11/5/4 type numbers in his first year in the league. Bynum averaged less than that and the Lakers rejected an offer for Kidd by the Nets. Almost made kobe run off to the Bulls and look how that turned out.

Jonny Flynn is a PG while Andrew Bynum is a legit 7'0 C. A good C is rare to find in the NBA, while PG's literally are a dime a dozen.

Flynn plays in the triangle offense. You do realize the triangle isn't meant for a PG to excel, right? Hes basically playing a Derek Fisher-role without a Kobe-type at the 2 or 3 to make plays and score. They spent the #6 pick on a guy they want to spot up. As far as I know he's one of few starting PG's to not record a double double this season.
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