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Default Re: John Wall Sports Science

Originally Posted by alexthegr8
A behind the back pass to a target 15 feet away using only your peripheral vision after quickly discerning which hoop to pass it through at a moments notice is impressive. I don't know whether you or your mates could do it on your first try, but I'd bet against it.

I agree with you that Wall doesn't have the elite vision or the great feel for when to pass the ball of a Nash or Chris Paul, but his touch when passing the ball (the actual technical aspect of passing the ball) is as good as any player in the league IMO. That's what that drill showed to a limited extent IMO.

Again I disagree...the most important part of passing is putting the right amount of pace, spin etc. on the ball. Touch would be controlling the pace and placement of the ball and the ability to put spin on it at a moments notice when necessary...To pretend like he is even in the same category as Steve Nash or Jkidd is a huge slight to them. To even put him above a forward like Lebron James is a slight..
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