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Default Re: John Wall Sports Science

Originally Posted by Younggrease
Again I disagree...the most important part of passing is putting the right amount of pace, spin etc. on the ball. Touch would be controlling the pace and placement of the ball and the ability to put spin on it at a moments notice when necessary...To pretend like he is even in the same category as Steve Nash or Jkidd is a huge slight to them. To even put him above a forward like Lebron James is a slight..

I understand the requisite components of passing a basketball (that drill tested mainly ball placement, but IMO, he has the other elements down pat too), and it's ok that we disagree. I think that Wall is going to surprise a lot of people with his passing prowess throughout his NBA career. He doesn't have the tremedous court sense of Kidd and Nash (an integral part of what people call "vision", which is basically a catch all term for anticipation, elite understanding of how to read a defense etc.), but you'll see a number of perfectly placed, beautiful passes from the kid that show off the technical side of his passing ability from his first day in the league IMO.
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