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Default Draft challenge

Sense I am so pumped for the draft I have decided to create a game using the last 10 draft classes (00-09). you have to build a ten player team using only 2 players that were picks 1 thru 10, 2 players that were 11-20, 2 players 21-30, 2 players 31-40, and 2 players 41-60. You can only use 1 player from each draft class. The goal is to make the most competitive team possible that could win next year.

you can find all of the draft picks on this link

For example...

C Dwight Howard 04' pick 1
PF Carlos Boozer 02' pick 35
SF Lebron James 03' pick 1
SG Manu Ginobili 99' pick 57
PG Tony Parker 01' pick 28


Rajon Rondo 06' pick 21
David Lee 05' pick 30
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