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Default If you could add 1 current player to your favorite team

This is just a for fun thread, basically something to play around with, think about, talk about and pass time for a few days.

If you could add 1 current player to your favorite team, who would it be and why?

For the Bucs, I'd probably pick the best DE in the NFL, Mario Williams. Many can argue that Dwight Freeney is the best DE, but Mario is younger and Freeney is injury-prone. Some also say Jared Allen is the best DE, but he's older than Mario and he also plays with the best DL in football, so that helps his numbers a lot. Mario Williams it is.

With the Bucs current roster, and after the draft where they took two DTs in the first two rounds, I pick Williams. They need a solid pass rushing DE to put up front with Gerald McCoy, Brian Price, Stylez G. White and Roy Miller which basically would complete the rebuilding of their once dominate defense and get one step closer to being a top 5 defense again after a two year absence. No one player in the NFL would be a better fit for the Bucs than Super Mario in my opinion.

(If I were to go with an offensive player, I'd probably pick Joe Thomas or Chris Johnson)

Your turn......
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