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Default Re: Lance Stephenson

he's definitely not a gifted athlete but he's above avg. the thing is he's a great ball handler probably the 2nd best ball handler among the sg's, which makes him quick with the ball, but thats the thing he needs the rock in his hands which he might not get the oppurtunity to do so much at the next level

personally i didn't like him either from all the hoopla about him when he couldn't decide on a school and none of the major schools didn't want him etc. but... i started to watch him play for cincy, then i saw another game, in total i've seen him play about 6-7 times and i'm like wow this kid is actually pretty good and came away thoroughly impressed! again he's a great ball handler and he court vision is also very good, i've seen him thread the needle for dunks and layups plenty of times, given the right oppurtunity he might get that chance wit the pacers
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