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Default Re: Forget free agency, DeMarcus Cousins landed in Sacramento; IT'S OVER FOR THE NBA

Originally Posted by O.J A 6'4Mamba
Dont be cocky laker fan. There is a reason PB said better than Mem and OKC.
Not only are they the 2 youngest teams in the league. They are both very talented and it is starting to show in the win colum.

OKC in its 3rd year with Durant went from 23 wins to 50 wins. Was a game winner away from taking your Lakers to 7 games,and they are only going to get better.

Mem in its 2nd year with OJ/Marc etc went from 24 wins to 40 wins. They beat 15 out of 16 playoffs teams this year at least one time from Lakers, to Cavs, to Boston, to Orlando, and the Suns where in the same game Gay had 32 points, Z-bo had 30 points, OJ had 28 points.

Now that OJ Will be playing a lot of PG next year has been confirmed you better hope to get an upgrade at PG from Fisher. Westbrook and Mayo will be a nightmare for laker fans come next season playoff time.

PB what are your prediction for the win totals of your Kings, Mem, Grizzlies it will make for a nice bump.

They have talent, but there is no way to make conclusions about what they can achieve. Everyone thought the Wizards would be a top 4 team this season, when they turned out dead last in their conference.

Also, superstar guards is the last thing Lakers need to worry about at the moment. Old man Fisher had to go against Deron, Nash and Rondo and all of them failed to play at their expected levels. A good defensive PG would be a good upgrade for Lakers, but the size in the paint is what's limiting other PGs from driving and making good passes. Besides that OJ and Westbrook aren't even close to being all star level.
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