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Default Re: Is OKC a Complete team after this Draft ??

Originally Posted by Swaggin916
and how did that turn out?

This does make them a complete team with Aldrich being a true C and guy who can protect the paint and board... but they aren't getting past the Lakers for at least a couple years. You can have guys who can board and protect the paint, but no matter who your big men are, Gasol and Bynum are taller, longer, and way more skilled than any other frontcourt you are going to play. You have to be able to defend one on one in the post against the Lakers and then make sure you box out and get the board.

OKC should be a 55 win team next year... I mean shit they have a very good PG, good developing SG in Harden, top 10 player in Durant, versatile player in Jeff Green, and Ibaka and Alrich now to crash the boards and protect the paint... Yes they look like they are going to be a very good team... but the key to winning in the NBA is having big men who can score... and they still won't have them. Ibaka has a chance cus he has a pretty nice jumper, but Aldrich will never be that guy.
How did it turn out? Ibaka was a beast and put up career numbers and the young OKC team took the Lakers to 6, it turned out rather well I'd say
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