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Default Re: Is OKC a Complete team after this Draft ??

Originally Posted by dbugz
They need still need a veteran Guard(SG) who can guard the likes of wade and kobe.

Shane Battier to OKC would be awesome.

Sefolosha is an elite defensive guard. When Wade and Kobe are ON, no one can really guard them. But he does as good as anyone in the league. And Harden has a ton of potential to be a very good SG in this league.


The Thunder aren't complete, but they're a 50 win team that would have gotten better just by aging. Aldrich was the PERFECT guy to get in this draft. They didn't need a C who needed touches. They needed a C to play D and rebound. He's a safe pick.

They might be a year away still, but now there is soooo many options with the lineup it isn't funny.

And they have a freaking Clippers #1 pick. That's insane. That means they could be adding another Top 5 talent to a team stacked with them that seems to really get drafting better then anyone else right now. I just wonder what year that 1st is gonna be. Either 11 or 12 I'd figure.
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