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Default Re: Thoughts on GM status

Maybe it is just from suffering through the Bob Whitset & jailblazer years and all. But I really liked what KP had done to turn this franchise around. I'm kinda suprised that they would let him go. Even though it's been rumored.

I understand the Oden pick hasn't worked out like we'd hoped so far . But he was the consenus No.1 pick just like John Wall is this year.

I also understand the team hasn't gotten out of the 1st round of the playoffs. But they appear to be getting better and better talent wise. Last year towards the end of the regular season. I was starting to get worried that they may not even make the playoffs, with all the injuries they had. Then KP goes out and gets Camby. After he gels with the team they were playing good ball at the end of the year. If that didn't happen. I don't think they make the playoffs. I don't understand what more KP could have done?

Anyway who out there is better than KP that we are looking to replace him with now?
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