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Default Re: ~~ Official NBA 2010 Draft Thread ~~

Originally Posted by hawksdogsbraves
I like the Hawk's Jordan Crawford pick, he is basically a poor man's Jamal Crawford and looks like he could do well in a similar role. He may get his chance too if Jamal has to start when Joe leaves. He is a scorer and is athletic enough that I think he can do really well on the next level. I'm excited to have him, hopefully he dunks on Lebron again next season

We also drafted some French guy named Pape Sy who paid his way to Atlanta to try out for us and we actually drafted him. He is a 6'7 wing who averaged 5/1/1 in the French league last year! He certainly wouldn't have been drafted and I don't know why we wasted a pick on him as he probably won't make the team.

Crawford will be the steal of the draft. Nice job by the Hawks.
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