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Default Wanting to go to a basketball camp or something to work on my game in LA.


I need to work on my skills a lot, especially if I plan on starting next year. I am in LA and want to go to a basketball camp. I am 15, and it looks like there are many options... but I have no idea what is a good one.

I keep looking at the Kobe, Jordan, and Fisher ones... but they all seem to be targeted at people who want to meet the players and bullshit as opposed to working on fundamentals. I wanted to go to the Byron Russel one, but upon looking at pictures, it is a mountain of 10 year olds and 5 guys in my age group.

What should I do? If you are in LA and do this sort of thing (helping younger players with their game) then feel free to post your price/location. You can also email me at sashakanji @ If you have recommendations on a camp, please post em here.

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