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Default Re: Undrafted Players

Originally Posted by KGMN
Artsiom Parakhouski- he's an amazing player, I'm still shocked he wasn't drafted.

Yes. Parakhouski has legit center size and is an NBA calibre rebounder. Could help a team lacking depth at center.

It's like a lot of teams don't want to draft college studs due to percieved lack of potential, and instead draft euro-scrubs who will never come over.


Theo Robertson from Cal, will be this year's Wes Matthews. Not sure what caused his stock to fall.

Mikhail Torrance is another guy who I think will make an NBA roster sooner rather than later, was surprised to see him go undrafted, was projected all over the place to go HIGH second round.

Sylven Landesburg, never should have declared this year, very poor decision, but has the potential to be an NBA bench SG. Surpised he wasn't drafted at all.

Scottie Reynolds. He may not be athletic or a true PG, but he is a scorer would be productive on a team lacking backcourt depth.

Manny Harris out of Michigan, really should have thought about going back for senior year, skinny but talented scoring SG, 6'5 with length, if he adds some strength I expect to see him in the NBA at some point.

Aubrey Coleman, severely undersized for a SG and has that hideous... THING on his neck, but still he was the top scorer in all of college basketball, I was a bit surprised no one took a flyer on him in second round.

Tyler Smith, boy should this guy have declared last year, screwed himself over by getting busted with illegal drugs and firearms, kicked off Tennessee roster, might have been a first rounder in 09 or 08 drafts. Dionte Christmas'd himself, if you will. Could still get his life sorted out I guess, but NBA chances are slim. Is a talented scoring SF though.

A.J. Ogilvy, another guy who really should have declared earlier, maybe even as a freshman, stock has plummeted since, I guess he could be a pro in Europe but his NBA window might be closed. Remains a legit sized center with skills and shooting touch, just never improved athletically.

J.P. Prince, cousin of Tayshaun Prince, has length, athleticism, and wiry toughness at SF to back it up. Could see brief stint.

Matt Bouldin, could be a decent combo guard off a bench.

Tommy Mason-Griffin, made an almost comically poor decision trying to be a one and done, but he IS talented. Needed seasoning as college player though, let him languish in obscurity. Don't be suprised if he's a D-League call up in a few years though.

Brian Zoubek, again a legit sized center, obviously not very talented or athletic but he is big (7'1, 270), strong, tough, smart, just won national championship.

Devan Downey, a scorer born, very experienced, also very short unfortunately, but a team lacking PG depth could put him to use.

Samardo Samuels, he didn't get drafted right? Made a naive decision entering the draft, but we will hear from him again. Has the makings of a legit NBA backup PF, absurdly strong, decently athletic, big wingspan, low-post skills. Just need more time in college to prove it.

Jerome Randle fits the same bill, very small, but a great shooter with a winning attitude and good bball IQ.

Patrick Christopher, yet another Cal kid who got lost in the shuffle, not super talented but has versatility and size for SG position, would be a nice kid to put in D-League for a while.

Osiris Eldridge, one of the most explosive dunkers in college basketball, don't expect him to make an NBA roster anytime soon, but could see him in D-League dunk contest in a few years.

Bryan Davis, Texas A&M banger with great wingspan, but rebounds, blocks shots and defends with grit, not skilled but could be a D-League call up eventually.

Omar Samhan, another center prospect who just didn't have the upside to get drafted I guess, but he is big and productive, if he lost weight he could help a few teams.

Mac Koshwal, I'm not sure he stayed in the draft, but if he did he is a dude who could operate at PF and C for a some teams.

Courtney Fortson of Arkansas, made super stupid decision to leave school as sophomore, had no chance of being drafted, however he is a talented PG, just had a lot to prove in college before trying to become a pro.

Michael Washington, also from Arkansas, 6'10 big man with length and decent athleticism, is the exact opposite of Fortson in that he waited too long to leave school, he was projected to go high second round or even late first in 2008 and 09 drafts, but lost that "potential" mystique when he failed to dominate as a senior.

Jerome Dyson and Gavin Edwards from UConn, Dyson a talented scorer at SG, Edwards athletic 6'9 PF. Not really NBA talents, but UConn pedigree could earn them short stints.

Jon Scheyer, I know he's not strong or athletic, but he could be a true PG in the NBA and can absolutely stroke the 3-pt shot, just won national championship.

Landon Milbourne, maybe I'm reaching here but he is an athletic SF with legit size and length, Grievis Vasquez's running mate.

Denis Clemente, really suprised he didn't get drafted, had great tournament, could really be a productive bench PG.

Deon Thompson, a big strong PF, UNC pedigree, won NCAA chip as junior, decent offensive skills. Again, I might be reaching a little.

Marquis Gilstrap, incredible rebounder at the SF position with size, length and athleticism to play position, that's all I know about him but it's enough. Seriously, a lot of teams have lazy scrubs as back-up SFs.

Arinze Onuaku, big bodied center, a bit short but strong and energetic, has that Syracuse pedigree, if he lost weight he could contribute just as a dude who would out-muscle and out-work some of these weak ass "new age" big men.

Raymar Morgan, not surprised to see him go undrafted, but he has excellent size and athleticism to play SF in the NBA at 6'8 225, skill set would need to improve to really stick around but I think he will find a way on to a roster, vital contributor to Michigan State's recent Final Four runs.

Sherron Collins and Tasmin Mitchell have apparently been signed by NBA teams, frankly I'm suprised about Mitchell, he has no NBA position and absolutely no upside. A lot of the players I just mentioned would make more useful NBA bench players than him.

Anyways, I know most of these guys probably won't make the NBA and most weren't going to be drafted, but they were all college studs, and I honestly believe many of them could contribute on teams lacking depth at certain positions. Especially the legit Centers and PGs, there are a ton of NBA teams lacking depth at those positions.

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