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Default Re: Latest Basketball Clip

Originally Posted by dab0yech0
Bro I think I played against you before. You ever play in PacRim or Superstar Basketball? I also used to play at Alpine alot on the weekends in my high school days (I went to Marshall class of 05).

I also remember Taiwan Center usually puts out their own team in PacRim. They played pretty good against us and we had a roster with D1 guys like Ruben Boykin and Rico Tucker that season.

EDIT: just watched the video, lol that Pacrim travel squad is basically the Flava team of Pacrim.

This was the PacRim team last year (Starting at 2:27). They had Lance Convento and Alex Cabagnot switch off guarding me this game.

And yes, Taiwan Center is very good. They have 6 guys who played legit college ball, one who played overseas in Japan. They're just too good of an overall team, 1-10. They play smart, work together, and play great defense. They are one of the top 5 Asian teams in the nation.
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