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Originally Posted by StraightHustlinInTDOT
- Both came out of college : equal
- second round playoffs in rookie year : Wade
- ECF in second year : Wade
- Finals in third year: Wade
- Finals MVP in third year: Wade
- Athleticism and talent: equal, both blow by their man with ease
- Jumpshot: equal, both were developing at the same age

The only disadvantage Wade has is his height, Jordan could do more because he was taller.

Kobe who?

How old are you dude, did you see Jordan when he came out of UNC?
I did and let me tell you one thing-Wade is no Jordan, it's not even close.
In Jordan's 3rd year he avg. 37-38 ppg and had to play the 1986 Celtics in the playoffs not the freakin Mav's and MJ hit what 63 and it was not on f..cking bail outs FT's either. I hate reading b.s. like this.
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