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Default Re: which two players would make the deadliest combo

Originally Posted by PurpleChuck
Didn't work out with Jamison...

I say Wade + Boozer/Lee

Not true. Up until that Boston series it was working very good. The problem was that Jamison was playing too many minutes, and we needed to put Varejao on KG.

That and the fact that Rondo was playing like a man possessed, which we can't exactly blame AJ for.

Jamison is also not exactly a great shooter. He is good around the basket with those wierd floaters and stuff, and is a decent 3 point shooter, but he is not an elite shooter of Dirk's level.

Much like Lamar Odom, AJ is best suited as a 6th man off the bench. Our mistake was trying to make him our #2 scoring option. That was our fault, not his.

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