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Default Re: which two players would make the deadliest combo

Wade/LeBron with Dirk. Dirk can stretch the floor for them on offense, which is perfect for them since Dirk is not ball-dominant and won't be clogging up the lane. He also doesn't have a complex like Amar'e does and Bosh seems to as well(Thinking he is a #1 option for a successful team). Dirk isn't a great defender by any means, but in the East, he will be just fine going against the major PFs. I would certainly take Dirk over Bosh/Amar'e defensively. LeBron/Wade would have their lane free to do as they please since the opposing teams would have to honor Dirk's ability. Once they get in the lane and penetrate, they have that legit option to kick it out to once (if) the defense collapses on them in the lane. Also, Dirk has gone the furthest out of all of those players and I don't think he's a big choker like everybody else, though I don't think he is a great playoff performer by any means. People always criticize Dirk and say that he is soft and shit, but Bosh is no better lol. Bosh is a great second-option, while Dirk has shown that he can at least get somewhere being the first option. To be fair to Bosh though, his teams weren't nearly as good in quality as Dirk's, but still, he plays in the East. Instead of a Jason Terry and Dirk pick 'n roll during the closing minutes of the quarter/game, it would be Wade/Bron and Dirk. That would be some good stuff, much like Kobe/Pau.
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