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Default Re: Bucks give Drew Gooden a pretty large contract

This comes out to about 6 mill a year on a 28 year old seasoned player.

Gooden's youth had coachs unsure who they were going to see from game to game, because he was learning his game and place as a role player big man.
We as fans have to scratch 2-3 years away as an educational prospect for big men , for the fact they are learning what they can and can NOT do in the league that is big fast and strong.

When Gooden played for the SPUR's and Mav's it was widely seen as Gooden folding into a role player that gave good effort and played strong side defense and weak side offense. (This takes a huge amount of pressure off him , because as a youth , when he was forced to make decisions on the court it hurt his team)

Let's fast forward - he is a young 28 with solid maturity on the NBA level.
Hammond made a great decision to get him , and for a BIG man to start at PF and only command a 6mill a year contract is great.
He will probably up his career average on the floor from 25 min per game to 32.
This does wonders for the Bucks - He can play strong side defense with Bogut .. Bogut can roam and block shots , and on the offensive end Maggette will play his natural strong side offense with Bogut , while Gooden will play weak side offense. (this means offensive boards as well as dunks folks)
Gooden has been craving for sometime to land on a team and get legit longevity. He now can school and guide Sanders , and in 2 years Sanders may start and Gooden's minutes will go back to 25 per game.
He is a big man - that can give Bogut some minutes off at the 5 .. so in a year or two I would not doubt Sanders and Gooden maybe on the floor for 10-15 minutes stretchs depending on Sanders maturation.


not a bad starting lineup

with Moute
redd (if knee o.k. 10-15min)
ridnour (if re-hired)
Douglas- Roberts
Thomas ( if he sign's a new contract)

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