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Tip: If you don't like the topic, don't read it, its that simple
No. It's not that simple. If you're going to be a flaming idiot on these boards, people aren't going to just let it slide so that the only replies you get are positive ones. They're going to point out how much of an idiot you are, and hopefully why (although not always) so that hopefully the board will no longer be flooded with stupid bullshiit and you will be able to become a better poster.

Imagine if Ceddie had gotten only positive responses to his retarded trade proposals. Would he have ever become the versatile ISH behemoth he has become? No, he'd be the same old idiot. You get it both ways on ISH. Like it or not.

Believe me, I speak from firsthand experience. I wasn't always the unquestionable genius I am today, unleashing vast amounds of wisdom upon my less endowed counterparts. I used to be retarded, like everyone else. But I kept at it and look what I am today: geeWiz, ISH legend.
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