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Default Re: Spacing & Scoring

Originally Posted by MannyO
People say that college has bad spacing, but I just realized that HS has bad spacing as well. Yesterday we had our first summer league game and boy was it a rude awakening. It was a completely new team and our PG was not there, plus it was our first time playing together. But anyway when I started becoming more aggressive second half I found out that it was tough getting all the way to the rack since the help came in on me. But when the help came I kept assisting my teammates to easy buckets. The thing is I want to be scoring more. What I think will help is using my athletic ability, jumping and scoring while in the air, since I normally beat my first man and get in the lane.

Does anybody have tips?
dont worry about how much you score. helping others score is just as important (especially feeding them easy buckets).

assists > scoring
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