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Default Re: Latest Basketball Clip

Originally Posted by OldSchoolBBall
I'm not knocking your weight -- you look healthy, and it is what it is. I'm just trying to imagine what type of quickness being just 145 pounds at 6' would enable one to have. Iverson was 5'11"-6' and like 160-165, which was a big reason he was so incredibly agile. You're even less than he was. Even myself, in my younger days my change of direction was lightning, and I was 6'1"/185-205 (I'm very broad and have high muscle/bone density; I had a six pack at 190, to give an idea of body fat %); I can't imagine how much quicker I would have been with 40-60 pounds off me.

Well with that logic you could be 100 pounds and be quicker than anybody... that just isn't the case. There is a point where your muscle will start to hinder you from moving laterally as quick because your body starts getting tighter. He could easily put on 10-15 pounds of pure muscle though and probably be quicker (especially if most of that muscle is in his legs). At 6'0, he should be able to handle 160-165 pounds very well... maybe as much as 175 with his frame (doubt much more than that tho). I would have him work on hypertrophy for the next 3 or 4 months to put on that muscle and then cut back to simply maintain. That would mean multiple leg exercises on one day, and then resting for a week.
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