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Default Re: Kevin Durant signs 5 year extension

Originally Posted by GOBB
Durant never hinted he wouldnt sign an extension. He's said many times he enjoys OKC and it fits his personality. This isnt a surprise at all.

Is 5yrs $85mil the most OKC could offer him in an extension? I know there are rules of how much you can make given the years in the NBA. I wonder what the yearly breakdown looks like. Trying to figure out what player in the NBA signed a similar deal to get a sense of how the year to year salaries look.

with less than 7 years of experience, the max for a player is 25% of the cap. rudy gay just finished his 4th season and got 5 years $80 million, slightly less than his max of $85 million. durant's max was $85 million as well, and he got the max.

7-9 years experience max contracts are 30% of the cap. so bosh, wade, james are eligible for more money.
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