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Default Re: David Lee to GSW @ 5yrs $65 mil

Originally Posted by stpwned
Anyone think this move is good enough to help them make a push at San Antonio's playoff spot?

rofl? Spurs will be 2-5 seed next year.

Suns and Jazz are the teams that have dropped off. Spurs have the same team, only more health, a new shooter, and getting another big man. Their team will be improved. . .and won 50 games last season with tons of injuries. I'm tired of dumb fans trashing SA. They're still one of the top 8 teams in the NBA easily. I have them ranked in the 4-6 area for power ranking right now.

Barely any teams have enough to say "We're better than SA". Lakers, Magic, Celtics (who I feel Spurs are equal to anyway). Arguably Portland with a chance to be better if Oden can stay healthy. Nobody else can say they're any better than "maybe equal under best circumstances".
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