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Default Re: Dan Gilbert's open letter to Cavs fans

Originally Posted by Showtime
Try reading again. Of the 3 options of breaking the news: avoiding any press, releasing a press statement, or answering questions on a camera, clearly the last option was less harsh, and yet you are saying it's the worst and cowardly.

And if he did that, then immediately everybody would know through leaks anyway. So then you would have a media shitstorm of "sources" making these claims, and fans left in a purgatory not knowing what to believe until he comes out and makes the final clarification ANYWAY. So, the fans would be raked through the coals until he he rips their heart out instead of just letting them have it all at once.

No, it's not. Saying nothing and just signing the contract and leaving NO explanation would be cowardly. Releasing a statement for fans to read on a website or hear a guy read it on ESPN would be called cowardly. Anything he did would illicit reaction, because it's a no-win situation from that perspective.

Why would he? Why would he go in front of crowds and tell them he's leaving and then have them shit in his face? What would the be the point?

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