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Default Re: Dear Cleveland Cavaliers Fans

Just my two cents, here I go.

LeBron's dead to me. I hope he gets eaten by a velociraptor. Edit: I hope he gets eaten by Chris Bosh.

I've liked the cavs since I was 10, before he came, I'll still like them even though they'll have a Pittsburgh Pirates-esque record.

At the end of the day, he can't be compared to Michael Jordan by going to the heat. Jordan had Pippen, .sure, but this trio is dirty. Jordan didn't need to swap teams to win a championship. Yeah, he wants to win, I respect that, but even if he gets six rings down in South Beach, it just won't be the same.

Everyone will now like the Heat like everyone jumps on the Yankees. Hooray bandwagon. Hooray.

Also, the Heat better get a bench, if one of those three studs go down, I still like the deep LA lakers to beat them in a final without question.

We gotta stick it out as a fan base. We're not completely dead like New Jersey but we're in definite rebuilding mode. It could be a long couple years here in the east especially if Carmelo signs with the Knicks along with Tony Parker.

Any rumors with any free agents Cleveland's NOW pursuing? I've been so involved at work that I've hardly had any time to think about anything.
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