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Default Re: The WNBA Noitu Lovers' take on LeBron's decision

Originally Posted by Jasi

I am wondering whether the Lakers will react with anything more than signing Steve Blake (good signing btw).

I'm so happy about the Blake signing I can't tell you.

I'm not sure we can afford much more, especially if they give Fisher the 5 he wants. I was hoping to get Hak Warrick or Travis Outlaw but they're both off the market. I wonder if Udonis Haslem would come be our 4th big. I've always been fond of Chris Wilcox too. Any of the aforementioned would be welcome upgrades on Mbenga and Powell, I'd be shocked and a little upset if either of them was back next year. Gotta figure the Blake signing means bye-bye Farmar too. They seem to like Shannon Brown and he's done a fine job for the most part being a versatile bench guard, I expect he and Fish to stick around. Morrison should be gone too. Morrison may actually be a good fit with the boys in Miami. The price is right and he might help space the floor.
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