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Default Re: The WNBA Noitu Lovers' take on LeBron's decision

Like I said in primetime's thread in the OTC, I am shocked that a TV show was made out of this. Only Lebron f*cking James would have a TV show made to make his decision.

It's going to be fun to see how they do and since they're in the East, they're not that big of a threat to Memphis, apart from 2 games a year, which will most likely be blow outs. Also, since they're in the East, I don't really care how they do, but it would be nice to see them struggle.

As for Lebron, it is strange, that a guy who runs around calling himself the king, the chosen 1 and wearing t-shirts that say 'check my stats', would then join a team with Wade and Bosh, which will inevitably cause a drop in his stats.

Sure, his chances of winning go up, but he completely turned his back on not only his team, but his city, where he comes from. That's a b!tch move, no matter what way you look at it.
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