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Default Re: Scathing Letter from Cavs Owner Dan Gilbert


I'm sure Gilbert has done things that he would hope don't see the light of day, this revenge act is petty.

Not only is the revenge act petty its also hypocritical. Like Gilbert doesn't trade players, fire people when its in the best interests of his bottom line. Feel bad for CLE fans, but Gilbert not so much.

I actually don't think its fair to just blame Lebron, because it was he who failed to build a good team around for Lebron. Take some responsibilty than just blaming the athlete buddy. And so what if he gave Lebron what Lebron wanted (you don't always do that) instead you show the player your competent and get him to trust YOUR judgment.

The thing is that I think Gilbert hurt himself, by acting in this unprofessional matter. If I'm a free agent, I'm asking myself will Gilbert treat me this way, if I dare to leave, if I'm feeling it doesn't work. And then they might be even less willing to give Cleveland a chance.
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