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Originally Posted by cangoods
I agree he wont be selected his only shot is being boted in by coaches. I am skeptical that will happen because there is biass against the knicks. I think the knicks will have to fight and take any respect they get.

If we make the playoffs and win a couple games maybe next year we will have some nationally televised games.

- Cangoods

We lost all of our respect because of Isaiah. Most GM's and coaches of prominence can't stand him. Unless they have a bad trade on the way. the only way we can get our respectability back is to do these things....

1) Make the playoffs.....with a winning record. Don't just rely on winning the division with a crappy record.
2) make some noise if not much in the postseason. Take someone to the last game of the first round.
3) We have david stern on our side. he is a knicks fan. if we do the two above we will be on TV next year other than MSG, FSN. he couldn't justify how we could be on national tv this year, especially because of last year.

P.S. Curry should make the ASG based on his competition at center. he wont though unless the coaches pick him, which I doubt because most don't like Isaiah

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